One Platform, Your Entire 340B Program

Proximity maximizes hard-to-find 340B revenue by centralizing your EHR, TPA, and Wholesaler data to a single intelligent platform, uncovering significant, often overlooked 340B revenue — in days, not weeks.

Why Proximity

Get revenue savvy, like these other 340B entity types who trust Proximity.

Why Choose Proximity

Ensure the Future of Your 340B Program Revenue — By Optimizing Every Aspect of It

Proximity combines a data-first approach, modern technology, and expert 340B guidance to safeguard against manufacturer threats and compliance concerns, while also uncovering hard-to-find revenue opportunities within your 340B Program.

Sculpt A High Yield CP Network

Continuously manage your CP network, keep and add those that create revenue. Remove those that don't...

CP Management >
Mitigate MFG Restrictions

Make data-first adherence decisions and reduce revenue loss to the absolute, greatest degree possible...

Price Restrictions >
Remediate Rejected Claims

Incorrect TPA claim rejections are the silent killer of 340B revenue, double-check their work for every. single. claim.

Claim Remediation >
Validate Approved Claim Price

Rest easy knowing that every approved claim is evaluated to ensure that the correct 340B price has been applied...

Pricing Validation >
De-Risk Referral Capture

Confirm Referrals are properly approved to remove audit risk AND are properly rejected to reduce risk of revenue loss...

Referral Capture >
Inspect Encounter Feeds Daily

Patient encounter feeds fail silently, along with 'would've been' 340B revenue. Analyze encounter feed efficacy daily...

Encounter Feeds >
Real-Time NPI List Modification

Full time, part time, affiliated, moonlighters, residents, etc. — proactively identify them and ensure your TPA's do too...

Prescriber Management >
Simulate Contract Term Decisions

Which contracts? All contracts. Forecast how various TPA, CP, and Wholesaler contract terms will impact program revenue...

Contract Analysis >
Data Activation With Proximity

Activate Your 340B Data. Make It Work for You.

Working with Proximity is like dropping a team of data analysts, data scientists, and 340B experts into your program, all working to activate your data in service of two objectives — gaining insight and taking action to increase 340B revenue.

Gain Insight Into Your 340B Program

Connect and combine your entire ecosystem of 340B data across Wholesalers, TPAs, and EHR systems to create a central hub of easy-to-understand data that generates new types of insights, all accessible by your internal teams.

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Take Action Across Your 340B Program

With your ecosystem of 340B data established, Proximity performs complex data transformations and exposes the outputs to validations that continuously re-assess every aspect of your program, finding ALL missed revenue.

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Proximity Reduces Team Effort And Costs

Save Time and Resources Spent Managing 340B

Stop compromising between your staff's core duties and 340B program duties. With Proximity's capabilities, you can effortlessly operationalize a successful 340B program without diverting excessive team resources away from their core responsibilities.

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"'s not just about revenue, it's also about adding operational capacity. We spend 70% of our time on the bench [in the pharmacy]. With Proximity, I'm exponentially multiplying my time while also enhancing program revenue. Remarkable..."
Pharmacy Director — FQHC w/ 53 Prescribers
Pharmacy Teams

Support for Pharmacy Teams

Your Pharmacy Team's first priority is serving your patients, often trying to find fractional time to manage your 340B program. With Proximity, you effectively multiply your your resources by leveraging a powerful platform and 340B experts with decades of experience to oversee your program.

Finance Teams

Support For Finance Teams

The 340B program likely provides significant impact to your bottom line and your Finance Team needs to manage it as such. Proximity enables your 340B program to be managed as a true revenue line with real profits and losses. Understand the financial impact of every decision and rest assured that every dollar available is being captured.

Compliance Teams

Support For Compliance Teams

Your Compliance Teams need to stay focused on complying with federal and state laws, which can be tricky given the opaque nature of 340B legislation. At Proximity we monitor every claim for patient definition and eligibility standards as defined by both your facility and HRSA, ensuring your program is 100% compliant and audit ready.

Referral Teams

Support For Referral Teams

Let your Referral Team get back to focusing on patient support by removing any dependency that your 340B program has on them. With Proximity managing your Referral Capture program you get the benefits of an efficient, data first approach that's built on your patient definition while keeping pace with time sensitive approvals.

Proximity Reduces Your Risk Profile

Program Compliance Is Built In. So Is Peace of Mind.

Human powered processes are prone to error, leaving the door open for even the most skilled personnel to make mistakes. With Proximity, your patient definition is coded into the platform as rule sets that are used to analyze every single claim.

Patient Eligibility Reviewed
340B Program Compliance

Eligibility Review System

We thoroughly evaluate, and continuously monitor, your encounter feeds to ensure that that proper patient eligibility rules are being applied at all times. Our team of technology folks work closely with your IT teams to handle any remediation.

Compliance Review System

All data coming back from your TPA's are closely assessed for remediation potential. During this process we ensure that your facility's patient definition as well as HRSA guidelines are being met across all workflows, explicitly during Referral Capture activities.

Compliance Systems

Monitoring Program Compliance

We've designed our platform to utilize systems of compliance monitoring that analyze the entire journey of a claim from the time a prescription is written through to the point of adjudication and approval.

Proximity Finds Every Dollar

Capture Every Dollar, Every Claim,
Every TPA, Every Time.

Managing multiple siloed TPAs is essentially like trying to manage multiple 340B programs. With program complexity, price restrictions, and  opaque program data, it's increasingly difficult to depend on 340B as a predictable revenue line.

With Proximity you will centralize all program data, use technology to find revenue opportunities, and visualize your P&L - all in one platform.
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Accessible Pricing

Fixed Price, Unlimited Value

Our fixed pricing ensures that you pay a simple monthly access fee that allows for limitless value creation to take place.

Confident Contracting

Know How Much Value Is Possible

With our data assessment process, you will know the amount of 340B revenue we will create well before we sign a contract.


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